Fundamental Skills: Passing & Catching

May 16, 2018 at 6:03 p.m. MDT

To move the ball down field, a player with possession of the ball will place the stick at his side with the stick head next to his face. One hand will be at the end of the stick while the other is placed in the middle of the stick. While facing the stick head in the direction the ball will be passed, the player quickly snaps the stick to fling the ball from the pocket in the head to another player

Catching a passed ball requires concentration. The stick is positioned to the side of the body with the head of the stick up next to the face. One hand is at the base of the stick, while the other is near the throat of the stick. As the ball comes to the player, the stick head is positioned in the ball's path and the ball is received in the pocket. The player will move the head backwards to absorb the impact of the ball and allow it to settle in the pocket.